What is Roma Workforce Management Software?

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Roma Systems is a workforce management software, that is browser based, so is accessible from anywhere as long as you have internet access.

The Benefits of Workforce Management Software

We have spoken before about the benefits to any business of workforce management software, particularly those with remote staff. Businesses such as Cleaning, Facilities Management, Security, Catering etc. all benefit from utilising WFM Software.

The benefits include improved lone worker safety, better client and employee retention, more efficient admin processes, quicker payroll and invoicing, better management reporting and more things we have discussed in other posts.

How does Roma Workforce Management Work?

The infographic below shows in a step by step process how the system works. Whether you’re a large national company or a small organisation servicing just your home town, Roma can help you!

Step 1

Having gained access to the system you simply need to add the staff and clients you wish to go ahead with first.

Step 2

Create schedules for your staff and clients and you’re good to go. Scheduling shifts, will allow you to add tasks and alerts to each job, and to obtain a budget for pay and invoicing.

Step 3

You can create your employee’s login data in the system and then allow them to access the application. Here they will see their Rota, Tasks, Messages and have the ability to check in and out of sites using GPS.

Step 4

Now your staff are in the field armed with the application you will receive real-time information on tasks and times as well as messaging. They can even get signatures and take pictures.

Step 5

All of the data is then pushed back to the office system, for you to manage and act as you see fit. You can use the data to calculate pay, improve service delivery, and be proactive to any issues your clients may have.

Is Roma More than Workforce Management Software?

As well as the workforce management solution, Roma offers an inventory management solution. So you can manage, stock take and transfer stock to alternate sites or staff.

Additionally we have a form completion application in testing. This will allow your supervisors to create and complete forms electronically. The app will drastically reducing the need for paper, whilst increasing efficiency!