Payroll Preparation by Roma

As you’ll have seen from our other modules, you will obtain some key real-time information from field staff. This information can be used for a variety of things, perhaps most notably, preparing your payroll via our Payroll Preparation Module.

How Will Payroll Preparation Help My Business?

We estimate that a businesses with 10 staff can lose over £4000 a year because of inefficient payroll processes. This is because they rely heavily on manual administration, such as time-sheet checking.

Roma Payroll Preparation allows you to reduce this “checking” to mere minutes by managing tolerances and automating the calculations for pay, mileage and travel-time.

Our system uses your schedules, rates and the operatives actual time to create a gross pay advice in seconds.

Roma Payroll Prepartion in Action

Once you’ve completed your checks and approvals, you can download an export that will show planned pay and actual pay, as well as travel-time and mileage.

Payroll Preparation Checking Screen
Roma’s Pay Checking Screen

This export is then compatible with most accounts software, payroll bureau’s and simple enough to read for self paying.

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