What We Do

A brief summary of the functionality of Roma Systems.

Smart Scheduling

If your schedule doesn't change, you have nothing to do. Auto-schedule by distance and take into consideration job type and qualifications.

Staff Monitoring

Manage field staff with the phone app or landline monitoring systems to improve time keeping and service delivery.

Travel Calculations

Automate travel time and mileage calculations to simplify travel administration.

Check Tasks

Staff can complete tasks on the phone app to help you ensure they're delivering the clients expectations.

Payroll & Invoicing

Use schedule and monitoring information to complete payroll and invoicing calculations in seconds.

...and More!

With Inventory Management, Forms and Management Reporting there is plenty we can do to help your field service business.

About Roma

Roma Systems went to market in 2020 with the goal of becoming a leading deliverer of cleaning company software. Once developed, it became apparent that our solutions would work for any business with a remote workforce. We now supply to cleaning, security, catering and FM industries.

Our aim is to alleviate the common issues that companies experience with a remote workforce. This includes managing and verifying the work of their remote operatives, optimizing staff availability and reducing the workload of the administration staff.

Roma’s solutions have been created and developed by professionals with vast experience the remote workforce industry and provides an intuitive experience for administrators and remote staff. The data is available in various formats to improve your admin functions such as scheduling, monitoring and payroll.

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What Clients Say

We have clients across multiple sectors and here is what they say!
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Holly K.

Cleaning Company

"Using Roma Systems, has led to us improving staff time keeping, and drastically reducing the amount of time spent running payroll."

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Mike C.

Cleaning & Security

"Having the ability to manage all staff remotely has drastically improved our efficiency, both in scheduling and admin for a fraction of the price of other systems.

Declan C.

Declan C.

Facilities Management

"We looked at many systems, but none were of the ilk of Roma. It is intuitive and cleaning specific, as well as affordable!"

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