Security Companies

Roma offer a cloud-based security guard management software that covers so many aspects of guard management.

With the management hub there is great functionality, with the solution being cloud based, you can access your security guard monitoring software from anywhere with an internet signal.

Guard Scheduling

The Security Guard Scheduling module of the system allows you to set staff and clients together, and ring fence the site. By ring fencing you are able to see visually your sites area on a map. This coupled with the Monitoring Application will allow guards to roam and manage the area appropriately.

Security Guard Monitoring

The security guard monitoring software has multiple options for you and your clients. We can operate using a landline monitoring solution, that allows staff to dial in and out at site to provide times of arrival and departure. We can also offer a biometric fingerprint reader that can provide time data again.

However, the main plus is the security guard monitoring application; whilst maintaining the health and safety of your guards, as well as your duty of care to them, it allows you to set tasks, obtain an electronic timesheet and your control room to get on with other tasks rather than providing check calls and awaiting alerts, because the system does the checking for you at regular intervals and will inform you if there is anything untoward occurring.

You can also utilise the electronic timesheet data obtained via the security guard monitoring element of the system, to help prepare a run for pay and invoicing in seconds.

What Else?

The management hub also allows visual representations to the control room for various items such as incomplete tasks, alerts raised and staff logged in on a map screen. These things are also available for your clients to gain access of as well. Via the client portals so you can allow your customers the ability to see who’s on their site and what tasks are set to be completed.

Additionally there is a messaging functionality that links all stakeholders in the security company management software together so your clients, your staff and your managers can send and receive messages to anyone registered in the system via app, hub or portal.