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As mentioned all over our website, Roma Systems aims to reduce your administrative tasks. Aimed at businesses with remote workforces, the solution is not really specific to any particular industry. However, our experience is more towards the cleaning industry, we have recruitment and security customers as well.

Importantly the solution can reduce admin for any of those businesses, even any business with any sort of remote staff.

So What Admin does it reduce?

In short, the reduction of admin is mainly around scheduling staff, timesheet checking, monitoring remote staff and pay calculation. We anticipate that without software, these tasks alone, take almost 1 hour a week per staff member!

Staff Scheduling

With a couple of different options in terms of Scheduling you can either create a template of work, that rolls over according to your current schedules. Alternatively, you can schedule automatically, allowing our algorithm to allocate staff by a number of criteria. These criteria are:

  • Availability
  • Job Role
  • Qualifications
  • Distance

The solution works by checking that the staff member selected meets all of the selected criterium, and then picks the closest person. So there may be multiple staff available, qualified and the correct job role, but it will send the closest most available person to that site.

How Much will Scheduling with Roma Save?

Based on our case studies and calculations we anticipate that scheduling weekly, on a spreadsheet or paper can take up to 15 minutes per staff member, if schedules vary. In Roma, your scheduling takes minutes, and will only be required once, so is more likely to take 15 minutes per year, rather than per week.

Additionally, by using the Smart Scheduling element, you can save a larger amount in mileage and travel time, by allowing our solution to pick staff by distance.

So, although it is difficult to say for definite the saving amount, we can easily suggest that in time Roma will save you at least £80 per operative per year.

Staff Monitoring

Roma Systems have a few options for staff monitoring, landline or application as well as manual entry. These solutions offer multiple plusses to your businesses such as improve supervision, client retention through real-time management and naturally more efficient administration.

In terms of administration, the main saving is around the time spent checking time-sheets, collecting them alone can take time, as well as then collating the hours worked against the pay rate, and any other checking or reassurance needed.

By utilising Roma’s Workforce Management system, the monitoring solutions can easily collate the time and hours in minutes.

How Much will Monitoring Staff save?

Again this is difficult to say on a broad case, however, we anticipate that by monitoring staff electronically, you can save 30 minutes per week of administrative time per staff member. Additionally, this can reduce your need for field supervisors to be checking on staff, so there is a potential salary and travel cost reduction.

Based purely on time saving and NMW, you’re talking a saving of over £220 per operative per year!

Payroll Preparation

Payroll is a time consuming and expensive task at the best of times. With the timesheets, checked and actual hours collated, you have to check rates and multiply it by hours worked each week, then multiply it again by the number of weeks/months due. All easy enough with a calculator but could be slicker no doubt!

With Roma, once the schedules and rates are input, and the staff are checking in at sites, your company settings are set for the way you work, the rest is simple.

Provided your staff work the times they’re meant to, there is nothing else for you to do, just set your pay period and download the report.

At worst, your staff are starting earlier or later, working longer or shorter than expected, and you have to decide if you have to query it or not. If you have the authority to just push the button on these things, you’ll be able to approve everything in seconds, then download the payroll report, and send it to your payroll admin, accounts software or pay bureau.

Where are the Payroll Preparation Savings?

Gaining the actual times, opposed to the potentially manipulated times input by staff on a time-sheet could provide a significant saving. After all, if 1 operative adds 5 minutes to their times per week, at NMW that’s a cost of almost £40 per year per operative. However, this is impossible to clarify as a saving, similarly the saving on travel-time and mileage.

Based on time saving for the calculation of pay and travel costs, we anticipate a saving of around 15 minutes per operative per week, annually, that’s a saving of over £110.

What is the Total Saving?

So, using Roma Systems for Scheduling, Monitoring and Payroll Preparation can save you over £400 per remote worker, compared to inefficient paper processes.

The cost per worker on Roma Systems is just £2 per month, a saving of over £370 per year and that is without the unquantifiable benefits of real-time information, alerts, client portals etc.

Roma Systems Admin Savings Calculator

To see your potential savings get in touch for us to send over our cost savings calculator to see you potential Return on Investment!