Roma Workforce Manager

Roma Workforce Manager offers a complete staff management solution. Allowing you the ability to quickly add staff and clients into the system, you could be monitoring them in minutes.

Add your staff and sites and get them monitored in under 90 seconds!

In under 90 seconds you could have new staff checking in at your current sites, obtaining all of the relevant data required in real-time.

The Scheduling System

Our scheduling solution allows you to create and manage schedules and contracts easily. Our smart scheduling can also help to reduce mileage and travel time, as well as finding best fit for jobs.

You can also manage your operatives on either a landline or smartphone app. Both options allow you to gather the time data and the app also allows you to obtain task data as well.

Roma’s Scheduling & Monitoring system can help you reduce admin by upto 80%

Once the time data is gathered, you can then use it to calculate your financials such as pay, mileage and travel time, invoices.

Workforce Manager – What do I see?

Workforce Manager offers you the ability to view on a map where your staff were last logged in, receive alerts for staff who’ve not shown up, not left or have left without logging in, covering all eventualities. Alerts can be generated by text or email and then escalated to management. Having alerts provides a better duty of care to your staff and your client thus ensuring staff safety on site as much as possible.

You can give clients access to their data thus allowing them to view their site rota, access messaging and more.

Please feel free to watch our demo video above to see exactly how our system works. Then if you have any further questions please get in touch below!