5 Benefits of Cleaning Businesses Using Software!

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As a business that offers professional cleaning services, there are a number of things your clients can expect from you. Other than the obvious…your staff being able to clean what they’ve paid for, these days the use of IT by individuals as well as businesses has drastically increased.

Top 5 Benefits of Cleaning Company Software
Cleaning Company Software 5

Thus there are certain things you as a cleaning business need to have in place in order to firstly survive, and secondly grow.

So the 5 largest benefits to implementing cleaning company software are:

1.    Improve Admin Processes

Naturally one of the biggest pluses to the IT generation and cleaning company software is the fact that most people are able to understand that using software to aid with the completion of Admin tasks ultimately reduces the time these things take, and thus helps you to be more efficient.

2.    Save Money

In reducing the amount of time spent completing admin tasks, there are some time savings to be made naturally. Any time that is saved can be counted as money and used to complete other tasks.

Alternatively there are also software that manage your cleaning staff, ensuring that they are not claiming for time they have not completed. Imagine, a cleaner were to claim 5 minutes per day extra to what they worked, that would equate to over £160 per year…a lot of money when you have even 10 cleaners.

3.    Provide Proof of Service

The use of mobile technology means your cleaners can now provide your admin and management staff with proof that tasks have been completed, this can then be communicated to the clients.

4.    Offering Client Portals

The ability to offer a client portal means that there is a web page, or application to allow them to view works completed, and other information they may be interested in.

5.    Winning New Business

Admittedly this can be a combination of some or all of the other benefits, but this will lead to you having a more successful and sustained business.

If you offer your clients the opportunity to utilise a software to help manage your service provision to them, they are going to see huge benefits.

The ability to do so offers a you an advantage over some of your competitors, and also allows you to establish improved relations with your existing clients.

Now this is not an article to say without these things in place you’re doomed to fail, as nothing replaces good work ethic and customer service, however implementing relevant software, as well as the ethics and service delivery, you are more or less destined to succeed.