Frequently Asked Questions

My Employee get’s a “Check In Error” on the application?

So a “Check-In Error” Occurs when the app is unable to confirm the site address, the staff member, the time or all 3. There are a number of reasons this could occur, and here is how we check them!

Check the staff have the right permission.

  • If Not, Add the Correct permission in ManageStaff>Classification

Check the Site Address & Map looks right.

  • If not, check the Monitoring>Map View screen, and see where the last check in was (if applicable)
    • If the last check in was near the edge, of the ring fence, make the radius bigger or in ManageSites>AddressLine1 put the company name i.e. “Elizabeth Foundation, Southwick Hill Road” this will allow google to be more accurate, as long as the site is in google in the first place.

If neither of these things work, it then falls to being a device issue. To resolve this we can:

  • Check their permissions on their phone i.e. they’ve allowed “Roma Mobile” Access to their location. Settings>Apps>RomaMobile>Permission – Should be set to “When app is in use” or “Always”!
  • Get the staff to send a screenshot of their app “Check In” Screen, and just see what they see (Where the Pin for their device is, where the site is).
    • Depending on what we see here we may need to increase or move the ring fence.
  • Check their signal either on their device, or using their phone networks signal checker i.e. for example.
    • If the signal is really bad, suggest the landline option or asking for WiFi access.

My Employee get’s an “Incorrect Password” message on the app?

They may have typed this wrong, to save time, check the app on your device with their credentials, if you get the same error, change their password accordingly (manage staff>info>password).

It’s always best to check again on your device, to make sure it works, before giving the new password out.

Employee says they “Checked in/out” but no time has updated?

If no time has updated it means either the employee pressed the “Check In/Out” button before the app was able to obtain a location.

This can happen if signal is poor, or the radius on the site is not quite the right size.

My Employee puts their credentials into the app, but nothing happens?

This could be because of signal in the area, device data or permission. Check the credentials on your own device, and if you still have the issue, access their profile manage staff>info, access the “Classification” tab, and ensure they have a permission that allows them access to the application.

I have forgotten my administrator password?

If you have forgotten your password, somebody with the right permission setting in your business will be able to change it for you.

Once changed you can log in and change it to what you prefer. If you are the only person with access in your business email

My staff aren’t getting the usual message on the landline system?

The reason the message may vary site to site, is because of the landline numbers associated with a site. If they dial out from a withheld number or if they use a number to dial-out, that the system doesn’t recognise. The message will be something along these lines:

“Hello welcome to the roma logging line, please enter your 5 digit PIN to continue…#####…Hello (Name), please press 1 to log in or 2 to log out…thank you, you are successfully logged in/out at (Site)”


“Hello welcome to the roma logging line, we have noticed you are calling from an unidentified phone…please enter your 5 digit Client ID…#####…now please enter your PIN…#####…Hello (Name), please press 1 to log in or 2 to log out…thank you, you are successfully logged in/out at (Site).”

Simply update the system with the correct landline number or ensure the staff have the client ID, as generated by the system.

I cannot update a field, but other users can?

If you are trying to update a field (work type, job type, inventory, staff, clients etc.) and the solution is not showing any information or allowing you to save, this is because you do not have the permission to do so.

Seek clarity from your Main Administrator who will be able to update the permission. If they are unsure, ask them to email and we will do it for you.

N.B. We cannot do this without written permission from the main administrator.

My Client’s address is correct, but the map location is not?

This happens usually, on crowded business/industrial parks. The best option here is in “Address Line 1” to enter the name of the business i.e. “Joes Office Supplies”, you should then see that this will move the Geo-Fence accordingly.

My Client has 2 Sites what shall I do?

This is entirely down to you, you could create 1 large site with a large Radius, or create 2 separate sites for staff to check in at with smaller radiuses.

When trying to run Pay, some of the entries show as “NaN”?

This stands for “Not a Number” and occurs when there hasn’t been a successful “Check In/Out” from your employee.

To rectify this, go to monitoring>mapview, select the operative from the drop down, and manually check them in or out of the shift showing “NaN”.

I have set for SMS alerts but am not receiving any?

SMS alerts can be expensive (10p per message) so if you haven’t let us know you want to use them, we will not have switched them on.

Contact to have SMS alerts turned on, however we tend to invoice in advance dependant on business size and alert regularity.

My scheduled staff member can’t make it what shall I do?

You don’t have to do anything, if you send another staff member you can leave them to just check in accordingly. If you want the alerts you will have to schedule the staff.

As a one off, simply go to scheduling>listview>info and then amend the staff member. This will change them just for this one shift.

I don’t know how to navigate the system/enter data/find data?

If you’re unsure of anything else, please feel free to request our training manual from

The manual has video’s and instructions on exactly how the system works.