Do I need Software in Security Guarding?

Published by Roma on

Ultimately the answer is destined to be yes, you are on a software blog after all, however the aim of this is to identify what software can help your guards and your business.

Firstly, what solutions are available to you? Well there are many software packages that can help a business in your field of work, in many areas, with many goals and outcomes. Solutions such as security guard scheduling software, these systems are going to ultimately allow you to automatically schedule the guards, or even just to maintain a regular template of work, so that you don’t have to have two huge whiteboards in your control room and then spend hours filling them in, or transferring data from one to another.

There are also the options of security guard monitoring software. Security Guard Management Software can provide plenty of benefits to your business. Firstly, you’re going to be able to provide proof of service delivery to your clients.

What will providing proof of service delivery do for me? Well if you have clients who query timesheets, or question your guards, then this will allow you to allay any fears they may have. Likewise when you’re tendering for new business, informing the prospect that you have a security guard management software in place, will stand you in good stead when bidding, because your client will be glad to obtain reports as proof of delivery.

It will also benefit your business utilising a security guard monitoring solution because, with certain solutions, you can ensure security guards health and safety i.e. their location on site, can be checked throughout the shift to be certain they’re safe.

A security guard management software, coupled with a security guard management software can allow you to improve efficiency in admin tasks by up to 50%, simply by reducing time spent creating schedules and checking timesheets.

You can increase this by partnering these software packages with an accounting software to reduce admin time in preparing and completing payroll, potentially reducing admin time in these three tasks from taking 3 to 4 days a week into 1 or even half a day.

We at Roma Systems, offer a solution that does all three of these tasks, and more, so you can ultimately save you up to 80% of your admin time, as well as all the other benefits mentioned previously.

Our Security Guard Management Software, is cloud based, offers security guard scheduling, as well as security guard monitoring, via mobile application or landline system, and the data obtained from the schedules and time data gathered from the monitoring solution can be used to prepare pay and invoice runs, in seconds.

Our complete security guard management system also offers, multiple reports for improved management data, various dashboards for improved real-time management as well as mapping and smart scheduling that automates your scheduling process, that means there is no action required to create your most efficient schedule, at any time.

As well as all of this functionality we allow you the ability to offer your clients the ability to utilise their own section of the security management software, via a client portal, where they can see their own data, on dashboards and reports and even send messages back to the management software for your control room to act on.