Will a workforce management system actually save me time and money?

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Now to briefly answer the questions above the answer is “yes a workforce management system will save you time and money. If you’re going from paper process and manual checking it will 100% save you money. However there is a BUT coming…

You must obviously make sure you buy the right package for you. It may not necessarily be the cheapest, and it may not be the easiest to use, but as long as it works for you, and you can get on with it, who cares?

Far too often, we see people take out software packages then not actually get the best out of them. Whether that’s down to service, implementation or technological know-how, I wouldn’t like to say.

Alas, what I can say is, should you implement properly, use the system properly and get all of your staff on board accordingly, you will 100% save time and subsequently money by utilising a workforce management system.

Having done some case studies with our clients and having got a good idea of previous and current timings we have built a savings and return on investment calculator for you to use, and subsequently get an idea of what to expect!

Savings and ROI for a business with 10 staff!

Attached are a few screens of different staffing numbers to give you an idea of outcomes. Ultimately even the smallest of outfits, can make returns by using software in the right way.

Calculations for a Business with 100 Staff!

If you’d like a go of the spreadsheet yourself to play with the numbers, feel free to drop us a message and we’ll happily send it over!

Likewise, if checking out these numbers has left you wanting to see more feel free to check out our videos here to get an idea of what we do and how we do it.