Homecare Monitoring & Rostering Software

With many solutions available in the healthcare sector, particularly with a Homecare offering. Homecare businesses provide critical tasks in a service provided to usually vulnerable individuals. So for many years the healthcare sector have been utilising home care scheduling or rostering software, to help them manage their staff, clients and rotas.

In addition to this these solutions have been made to adapt their service offering, by allowing their clients to offer a carer monitoring software element also. Initially this offering was completed by a paper timesheet, which was subsequently replace with a landline telephone system that meant carers were obliged to log in and out of visits, using a client’s landline telephone.

Carer Monitoring

Moving forward to the present day, the landline telephone is no longer a mainstay of the home and over 80% of the UK population have a smartphone. Thus almost all viable homecare scheduling software providers, offer some form of mobile application to their clients, to allow the monitoring of time for their carer’s.

We provide a scheduling software suitable for the care sector. Whether you have reoccurring visits, or ad-hoc we can accommodate with our intuitive cloud based care management management software.

Carer Rostering Software

The Home Care Scheduling element of the system is easy to use, and also provides an automation service, to ensure that your shifts are automatically allocated up to 6 weeks into the future, whilst still allowing you to work on them and make changes.

This healthcare rostering software module also links seamlessly to our carer monitoring application, which offers the carers access to an app that shows their rotas, their visit related tasks, as well as a messaging function to communicate with the office quickly and easily.

This data can then be collected and reported on for management reporting, whether this is internal or on the requirement of a governing body, and also the time data can be used to prepare payroll and invoicing runs in seconds.

All of this is accompanied by a client portal, that can be accessed by the client themselves or their next of kin, as you wish. The portal offers access to view client rotas and who’s caring for the service user, tasks associated with the visit, and a messaging service that allows clients to request or give further information or even just to give some praise for the job you’re doing.

We aim to offer a solution that has huge functionality at an affordable price, so that you can ensure you’re able to deliver your service to the best of your ability, without the worry of paying huge bills for value adding software. If you’d like a free no obligation demonstration, or a quotation, please get in touch and let Roma Care about your Rostering Software.