How Cleaning Management Software will Help You Sell?

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As Previously discussed there are many ways you can use software to help your cleaning business with improved efficiency. Naturally they take the time out of admin tasks if not completely remove them. What we’re looking to bring to the forefront here is how your cleaner scheduling system et al. can start giving you a return on your investment.

Firstly, it’s important to recognise that most business management or cleaning software you utilise will require a monthly subscription or licence cost. This is a good thing in identifying your returns quickly. In fact we can even use a calculation to find out if you will make a return, early on, and you can use this in helping choose which system to use.

For Example, when choosing a cleaner scheduling software, it would be important to understand how many hours a week it takes to simply create your rotas. In our clients experience, it takes approximately 8 hours per week, to complete rotas for up to 40 staff for the following week. This may be a single day per week or time spent over the preceding week/month.

Now How do We Recognise this as Money? Well, in hours alone we have made the assessment that for every 40 rotas you create, you spend 8 hours per week managing them. If we base this on the average UK administrator wage (£8.78), if we multiply that by the 8 hours we save per week, a cleaner scheduling software solution is going to return £70.24 per week. So…the formula is:

Hours Spent on Scheduling/Week x Administrator Wage/Hour = Cost of Scheduling/Week

Now….many cleaning management software packages will allow a little bit more functionality that just scheduling, from hr management & client management to maybe some form of monitoring so you cannot base your case for pricing purely on this formula alone…but it’s a good start.

This formula however, can be repeated for cleaner monitoring software and checking time-sheets, again from our clients experience we’re finding they’re spending up to 8 hours a week checking up to 40 time-sheets.

In total; that is 2 working days spent on administrative tasks such as payroll and scheduling alone, and at a cost of £140.48 (£8.78 x 16 hours), these tasks are costing you over £600 per month on average (based on 40 cleaning staff being scheduled and monitored).

So in selecting a cleaning scheduling software, or a complete cleaning management software package, I would take these formulae in to consideration and aim for a 100% return on investment or better, as a minimum.

Importantly your cleaning company software needs to be right for you, and you may not need all of the functionality offered, however, we offer everything on an intuitive and cost effective solution.

What does Roma Systems Return?

We offer slightly more than just monitoring and scheduling, for example, we offer client portals, which although may be a value added service you can charge for, it does reduce many questions in regards to your service offering and requirement for reporting from clients. How many hours do you spend servicing simple client requests?

Additionally we offer invoice preparation. Now this may not be a necessity for a cleaning business as 90% of contracts are on a set monthly fee, however, this will help you quickly realise if the contract for cleaning you have is not fit for purpose, i.e. the hours being delivered is over, the hours on the contract. If 10% of your contracts were costing you more time than you budgeted for, how much would you earn by rectifying this?

As well as, the time savings on scheduling, hr management/auditing and payroll.

A Roma Case Study

For Example, A Company with 40 Cleaners & 40 Cleaning Contracts, based on the hours discussed above and using Roma (compared to standard paper processes) would save:

£5843.97 On Scheduling & Payroll Time per Annum (Based on £8.78ph administrator cost)

£2688 On Recognising Inadequate Contract Budgets (Based on £14 per hour pricing of 4 contracts and recognising in month 1)

£456.56 On Dealing with Simple Client Requests (Based on 1 hour a week and £8.78ph)

Based on These Figures Roma Provides a ROI of

600% in Y1 with Standard Setup…plenty of Value!!

These numbers are all hypothetical and we are more than happy to help you recognise the ROI for your business individually.

We offer a free no obligation trial with full access to the system, training manual and training videos. So whether you wish to find out more about what a cleaning management software will do for your business, get an idea for savings or you’re trying to streamline your current cleaning company software package into one cost effective solution then feel free to get in touch to have a trial setup.