Cleaning Workforce Management Software

With a reliance on staff who are remote and usually unsupervised, our cleaning management software has huge functionality to benefit the managing office, the cleaner and even the clients of the cleaning business. The main benefits of using a system like this are large efficiency savings, with these sorts of solutions providing up to 80% savings in admin time.

With Roma Systems you are going to save time when scheduling, checking timesheets, preparing payroll and invoices, communicating with clients and running reports.


First of all the cleaner scheduling software element of the system allows you the flexibility to auto-schedule without a need to keep reloading schedules, the system does this for you automatically. So if you’re struggling with staff leave, the smart cleaner scheduling software will allocate your staff for you, as it can sort staff by availability, qualification and perhaps most importantly Distance.

Cleaner Application or Landline Monitoring

We offer a cleaner monitoring solution, that is flexible for cleaners of all abilities. We offer a landline system, that allows staff to log in using a clients phone. Also we offer a cleaner monitoring application that works on Apple and Android Devices. The application allows staff to view rotas, send and receive messages, complete tasks against shifts, and log their time in and out using GPS. The landline solution, allows cleaners to dial in, log their start and end times only.

Both solutions communicate a proof of service delivery to the system that can be seen by your office staff, be reported on and used to prepare pay and invoicing.

The ability to provide proof of service delivery to your clients is also available, with a client portal, they can see their rotas, a dashboard and even a messaging function to message managers within your business. This functionality will give you great standing in winning new business. Then the improved administrative efficiency will ensure you maintain that business.

Why Roma?

The Roma Systems cleaning management software, as a whole provides great functionality for all businesses regardless of size or technical knowhow. With data stored on ISO certified cloud servers, it can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, leaving you safe in the knowledge your data is secure.

As far as cleaning company software goes, we provide all of our information in a series of understandable dashboard widgets, easy to read reports, and Live-Action Maps and Tables that allow you to see exactly where your staff are at all times, providing health and safety benefits to both your staff and clients.