Using software to improve temporary recruitment!

Recruitment as a business is highly person centred…from candidates to HR people within the business there is a huge reliance on the recruiter to have a trusting relationship with any candidate they place within an organisation.

Particularly in appointments where the recruiter pays the temp worker, there are major admin shortfalls in regards to retrieving information and paying those temporary staff.

In a business where people are relying on you as the employer to provide them with pay you need to ensure that your process for collecting timesheets or sign off from the employer.

Are there technologies to help? In short yes there are…bio-metric finger and facial recognition units are becoming common place in the workplace these days in regards to clocking time and attendance.

The process is simple…enrol your staff on the device…they scan in with their finger or face…and you as the recruiter collect the data either from the device or remotely via software. The only issue with this is that these units are extremely costly and you’d need to have many clients on one site for them to be cost effective.

There are alternatives for logging the staff time and attendance though, landline monitoring, the old school process of staff using a site telephone to log in and out of a shift. This provides the entry and exit data required to confirm staff attendance and duration for payroll.

The other is a smartphone application. The smartphone is in use with over 80% of UK adults using a smartphone the technology is simple to use for anyone who has the ability to use apps such as Facebook. They scan in to the site in some way and scan out at the end and you are provided with the relevant data to provide their pay and your client with a an attendance sheet.

As far as Roma is concerned we offer all of these options in a cost effective and easy way. You manage your staff and clients in our staff scheduling software hub. The staff are then allocated to sites, and they are able to log in on any format you wish, even mixing and matching throughout the month.

The personnel scheduling system, allows you to manage the staff, the clients and the locations. The staff then log in using their suggested option and this updates the time data to allow you to calculate and export the payroll and invoicing run quickly and easily.

If using the mobile app there is even more authentication for your staff and clients. The app uses GPS location technology to ensure they are onsite when they sign in and out, and also pings throughout the day to ensure they’re onsite when they should be. If they leave site early you will receive and Off Site Alert via text or email, as well as in the staff scheduling system.

With Roma Systems you even have the ability to offer your clients access to an online portal, where they can view their temp staff, the rotas and various dashboard and reports as well as a messaging function to stay in touch with you as the recruiter.

All of this is available from just £25 per month, with a minimal setup fee, we also offer a 14 day free trial to allow you full access to the system. So whether you wish to find out more about what a employee scheduling software and staff monitoring application will do for your business, or you’re trying to streamline your current staff scheduling software and temp monitoring software into one cost effective solution then feel free to get in touch to get a trial setup.