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Staff Monitoring for Recruitment Businesses

Temporary recruitment businesses are also one of our main sectors to supply to. With an ever increasing market for temporary staff across all sectors, temporary staff recruitment is highly dependent on the paper timesheet.

Paper Timesheets as a measure of collecting temp staff time data, is inefficient, unsecure and a timely process. Thus Roma have the ability to offer a staff scheduling software to the recruitment industry that allows them to add staff to clients, set rotas that reoccur or set an end date of the contract to be managed.

The staff monitoring application will then link to the scheduling to show the staff, their rotas will show on their smartphone and they can log their start and end times as well as receive messages from the recruiter.

Once the schedule and monitoring data has been collected the recruiter is then able to prepare the pay for the staff or invoices for the client.

You can offer the client a portal access, to view their temp staff, their start times etc.

With all of this in place, your recruitment business will win more temp contracts and be able to command a higher fee, because the proof of service delivery and transparency is going to be a huge plus to your prospects.

In addition to improving the rate at which you win new business you’re going to drastically reduce your admin time by up to 80% for payroll, invoicing, checking timesheets and scheduling.

If you’d like a free no obligation demonstration, to find out a bit more information or to get a trial of our temp staff management software feel free to get in touch with us. The free trial allows complete access to the solution for 14 days and is no obligation as well.

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