How can we help you?

In the fast paced world of business, the ability to be as efficient as possible will vastly improve your chances of success, either in starting up, or improving your business.

So how can we help you be more efficient…our workforce management system brings as much of your office administration into one place, in an intuitive, cloud based and cost effective system.

Our clients are saving upwards of 70% of admin time, over businesses who complete these tasks manually and on paper.

The system is set in 3 parts Scheduling, Monitoring & Financials.


Our automated scheduling system allows you to schedule your staff to clients, and only have to amend schedules if anything changes.

You will go from having to change schedules every day/week, to only having to enter sickness and holidays, and then allowing the system to do it for you.


The monitoring system affords you the ability to know where your staff are at all times of their shift. Using an android or iPhone application, our system allows remote staff to view their rotas, message the office, and log in and out of shifts using GPS.

The app links with our system to check that staff are actually onsite, for the time that they’re meant to be there. Once the staff are logging in and out, it allows you to use the information as an electronic time-sheet, removing the need for checking and authorisation.


The system then utilises the data to run your payroll and invoicing with the click of a button. Simply set the date periods, then run and the system will give you an exportable file to import to your accounting software/company.

All of these tasks usually equate to 2 to 3 days of an admin persons working week, and can be completed in a matter of minutes with Roma Systems.

By drastically reducing these administrative tasks your admin team can spend time working to win more business, streamline other processes and ultimately make the business more of a success.