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One of the most time intensive admin tasks you as a business will undertake is the financial tasks set about for payroll and invoicing. Whether you’re utilising our Field Workforce Management system for homecare rostering, cleaner scheduling or security guard monitoring our solution can help you drastically reduce the time of these tasks by up to 80%.

RomaReporting© gathers the data input in RomaWorkforceManager© to create the schedules for the RomaMonitoring© solution to then provide the actual times worked. Once this information is correlated the system can quickly calculate the hours and pay for each individual. The RomaReporting© tools allow you to:

  • Calculate Pay based on Rates and hours scheduled/worked.
  • Calculate Invoices based on charge rates and scheduled/worked hours.
  • Report on KPI’s such as alerts generated, tasks missed and more!
  • Offers an easily exportable reports to fit your financial and management reporting needs!

This usually time intensive process, becomes slick and easy.

We offer a 14 day free trial of the system in full so to find out more please get in touch.

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