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There are many advantages to utilising electronic monitoring to manage your staff and utilised with a workforce management solution such as ours can give you huge benefits as a business. Electronic Monitoring can help you verify proof of service delivery for clients and internal team alike. It drastically reduces admin time in relation to tasks such as checking time-sheets and running payroll, improves your duty of care and health and safety for your field service and lone working staff.

RomaMonitoring© gives huge benefits to the users, from providing a real-time view of the field workers, management reporting as well as multiple logging options, from landline monitoring, mobile application and even bio-metric finger scanning.


The integrated workforce management system transfers information to and from the RomaWM© product. RomaMonitoring© and the subsequent time tracking app allows you to manage your staff remotely.

Available on Android or iOS, your staff can use their own mobile or you can supply one, whichever you prefer.

​The field worker app also allows staff to view rotas, view and complete tasks, send and receive messages and also utilises GPS to ensure staff are on site at regular intervals, improving staff management and client retention.

The main thing about staff monitoring that it isn’t purely to ensure staff are putting the right times on their timesheet. There are many other benefits to call monitoring such as:

  • Verifies proof of service delivery to clients
  • Reduces financial admin with the ability to obtain hours delivered
  • Improves health and safety and operational efficiency


However as there are still a few staff out there without the relevant technology, or technological know how to utilise a smartphone application, Roma have developed a solution to allow staff to log in to shifts using a landline telephone, with no need for PIN numbers or multiple numbers to use.

The Roma Workforce Management© product will need to have all of the relevant information for this solution to work.

Firstly, the solution must contain the relevant numbers of each client. This means that should there be multiple landlines that could be used on one site they need to be included on their profile.

Secondly, the admin staff will need to ensure that all remote staff telephone/mobile numbers are entered into the system.

This is because of the way the system works;

  1. Firstly staff dial the designated Logging Line number, and the system will pick up the number that they dial from.
  2. The system says “Hello, Welcome to the Roma Logging Line…Please enter your 11 digit mobile number…” this is in the format 07XXXXXXXXX
  3. Once your staff enter their number it says “Hello [Their Name] please press 1 to log in or 2 to log out”
  4. They then press the relevant digit, and the system says “Thank you, you have been successfully logged in/out”

They then hang up and continue their shift, and repeat this process at the end of the shift.

Within seconds the Logging Line passes the time in and out of the shift back to the Workforce Management system for the admin time to check times & budgets, prepare payroll and invoicing etc.

This solution is extremely cost effective, and allows you to manage your staff without the need for them to have their own smartphone or a smartphone provided.

We offer a 14 day free trial of the system in full so to find out more please get in touch.

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